The 18 Best Island Beaches in the World

Best Island Beaches in the World

Hello! The long-awaited summer has come and everyone wants to go to the sea and to the beach, swim, sunbathe, relax from city life. Warm up in the sun under a palm tree bending over turquoise water and look into the endless distance, where the sea is blue on the horizon, and a quiet breeze caresses the skin.

Where to find such beaches?

Everyone knows the good resorts of the world, but which of the popular destinations really will not disappoint? Now I will share with you a selection from one of the most reputable sources of Tripadvisor, who made his TOP 5 best beaches in the world according to thousands of travelers from all over the world.

The fact is that after reading this list of the best beaches in the world, I almost agreed with everything, because I visited them personally and know where they are and what they are. But, of course, I’ll add a little about myself about good hotels on the best beaches of the world and clarify whether the rest on these beaches is really as good as they say in reviews. Everything, we collect things, choose the best beach and go to relax on the sea!

It is interesting to know that the beach is a relatively flat surface of the coast, coming close to the reservoir (river, lake, sea, ocean) and convenient for mass recreation of people, their swimming and sunbathing and air bathing.

The best beaches of the world

The best beaches of the world are almost always closer to the equator and in the tropics, that is, far away. And fly there by plane for quite some time. But it is definitely worth spending both money and time, because a trip to the sea always updates a person. Having visited many parts of our planet and traveled to various countries, I realized that any trip should be completed with a good beach holiday.

If you recently got married and are looking for a great place for a honeymoon, or want to go on a wedding anniversary, or you are a married couple with kids, or you just want to relax on the best beaches in the world, then this article is for you.

Where are the best beaches

Where the best sandy beaches, there are almost always a lot of people, even though they are sometimes quite far away. I will not remind you that of course the beaches of the Maldives no one has yet been able to win the title of the best beach resorts in the world, where the white sand and turquoise water in the sea. Seychelles are in the same row with them – for example, the Anse Source D’Argent beach is the world’s most photographed beach with granite rocks and white sand, the Bahamas and the unusual Pink Sands Beach with pink sand, and Tahiti and the island of Bora Bora with the most beautiful beach in the world in the pictures – the beach of Matira. All these giants of the beach direction are already quite well known among tourists and promoted, so I will not talk about them in detail. However, if you are interested, you can read our articles about these amazing places on the planet.

So what are the best beaches in the world?

  1. The longest natural beach in the world is Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.
  2. The best urban beach for relaxing is Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro.
  3. The longest sandy island with beautiful beaches is Fraser Island in Australia.
  4. The world’s cleanest beaches are Varadero no Cuba and Lopez Mendes in Brazil.
  5. The wildest, but no less beautiful and picturesque, is the Wakaya Beach in Fiji.
  6. The quietest beaches in the world — the best retreat for honeymooners — these are the beaches of Lombok and Gili islands in Indonesia.
  7. The most diverse in shades of water is Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico.
  8. The whitest sand on White Sands Beach in Boracay Island in the Philippines.
  9. And my personal favorite beach is Cocoa Island in the Maldives! Hotel SOMO Cocoa Island

And now immediately to the best beaches on our planet!

1. First place in the general surveys of recent years has always been occupied by the best beach in Greece, Navagio Beach or Shipwreck beach on the island of Zakynthos. In addition, it is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. The romantic name Beach of the Sunken Ships and the bay surrounded by white limestone cliffs with the blue Ionian Sea can be misleading, does such a place really exist? But this is a reality, and this beach could be the location for the filming of the film “The Beach” with Leo DiCaprio, so it looks like the most famous Maya Bay beach in the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand.

Tip: The great popularity of the Beach of sunken ships makes it quite populous. So come early and early in the morning to be alone on the beach of Navagio.

In Bali, a mysterious island in the composition of Indonesia, a lot of beaches. How to choose the best? Many vote for Blue Point Beach (in Indonesia they know it as Suluban Beach), calling it a real paradise. We have not been to Bali yet, but we asked friends who live on this island, and they confirm the information: Blue Point Beach is indeed the best beach in Bali.

Located 45 minutes from Kuta near the village of Uluwatu Pecatu, Blue Point Beach can be called a refuge from the crowd. Here the white sand, and the beach itself is closed by rocks and reef from the strong waves. The water at Blue Point Beach is of two colors: green, where it is smaller, and blue in deep places. Nearby is the famous Uluwatu temple.